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Boston Hardcore ’90 to ’94 – your primer to old school new school…

Well, it fucking happened – I looked in the mirror and I’m currently banging on 43 years old… getting some wrinkles around the eyes, hair getting pretty grey and my oldest kid is now the same age I was when … Continue reading

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Scientific Proof That Hardcore Punk Evolved Into Scenecore (record collectors beware… ur in for a scare) defines evolution as “any process of formation or growth; development”. We see evolution EVERYWHERE. Not just in plants and animals, but in art too. Do you ever think to yourself, “where did all the awesome scene music that I enjoy today come from? What are … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Emo Band “American Football” Reunites

Residents across the United States were awakened early yesterday morning by several loud noises. This of course was the sound of Tumblr collectively ejaculating all over themselves when the band “American Football” announced that they were reuniting. I know what … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About HENRY ROLLINS

So with 2013 rolling in, people may be wondering how they adapt to this strange new year. The answer, of course, is that we should just look back and say, “man, can’t believe we made it through 2012, bro, that … Continue reading

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