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Stuff I should hate: the Pretty Reckless

Since SYWH is running ads for the new season of Gossip Girl, I should mention that the Pretty Reckless have provoked a crisis of conscience in my life. LOL, not really, but I was kinda worried to discover that I … Continue reading

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How much fecal weight are you holding???

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NEW JAMZ: Boys Will Be Boys [via the next FTSK]

As far as I am concerned there are only two kinds of music: good and bad. Whether it’s Devourment, Justin Bieber, Mobb Deep, or Guttermouth, I’ll jam anything catchy. That said, if there’s a genre I keep coming back to … Continue reading

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Peep the new FIGHT FAIR song

Our bros in FIGHT FAIR have a new album coming out on June 29th, and posted a new song from it called “Party Girl.” If you liked “Pop Rocks,” “Brain Freeze,” and their other poppy songs you’ll love it. There’s … Continue reading

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New stuff in Substream, Metal Sucks, Something Awful and more

As my bro Justin Harder (who you may know as the director of the Kerli video ) once said, you should “make as much stuff as you can as quickly as possible.” All of us here at SYWH try to … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: ADTR "I’m Made Of Wax Larry What Are You Made Of?"

I’m a big fan of Christian easycore in general, but nobody moshes 4 christ like A Day To Remember! “Homesick” is probably my favorite record of 2009, so I was super stoked to see that they have a new video/single … Continue reading

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Bella Sara: How baby horsies r made

Have u ever wondered how they make horsies/ponies??? I never really thought about it until I saw this commercial for Bella Sara on TV when I was at the gym the other day. I don’t really know what Bella Sara … Continue reading

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SYWH endorses FRISKIES catfood

This is the finest television commercial ever produced. My favorite part is where kitty is batting at the fish as he passes by them in the fish-like boat. And how he is fascinated by the sparkly, dancing turkeys! – I … Continue reading

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SYWH Spring 2K10 lookbook

The only thing I like more than Forever The Sickest Kids is shopping– especially at popular mall retailers for teenagers. I definitely have several pairs of $250+ jeans, Versace ties, and Prada shoes in my closet, but that shit is … Continue reading

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FTSK + NERF = paid endorsements that are made 2 last

Given that disneypunk/powerpop band Forever The Sickest Kids‘ fans average age is 12, it makes a lot of sense that they have teamed up with NERF in a series of commercials making the rounds on Disney Channel/Nick. – Seth Green’s … Continue reading

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