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CODEINE TEEN ushers in a new age of swag

Today we are going to learn about one of my all time favorite online personalities: he raps under the name CODEINE TEEN and posts funny, original shit at You may have known him as Fukkkres, Thugalien, Banzamakadanz, Icegrill, Guccimeinkamp, … Continue reading

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SYWH Consulting: Making CYNIC Relevant to a Generation

Recognizing that I am both brilliant and a visionary, I thought that I would offer my services, for free, and add philanthroper to the list.  This new series on SYWH is called SYWH Consulting, and it will focus on how … Continue reading

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Why rock music confuses me

Rock music makes no sense whatsoever, and metal is even worse. Just look at the bands. I keep seeing band dudes, both those playing in dive bars in front of seven people and those in big touring acts shown on … Continue reading

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Transitional bro

I am a confused metal fan at a Millionaires concert. I don’t know how I let things get this far, but now here I am, on the front row, just living in the moment, enjoying the sweet catchy pop vibes, … Continue reading

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SCENE FAILS 3: Fatties, Pokemons and Jakewolf fans

We all did dumb shit as teenagers, but unlike the mid-90s (when I was a teen), the internet now exists to save photo evidence of the dumb shit that today’s kids do. And there are few things funnier than scene … Continue reading

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Peep these bros’ BrokeNCYDE Halloween costumes

I love a zany Halloween costume: sexy nurse, sexy cop, or sexy cat are always good options. But none of those are as good as reader Bryan’s costume from last Halloween: BROKENCYDE! Sorry it took me a zillion years to … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: Jason Derulo "In My Head"

This video has 3.5 million views so I’m guessing it’s already popular among non-oldz, but I just caught this after the episode of “Is She Really Going Out With Him” featuring the douche from some ghey crabcore band called Divide … Continue reading

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Deetz on Stormy Daniels x Hollywood Undead

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Hollywood Undead. So much in fact, I have my own website devoted to ‘dat bomb shit’ — where Sergeant D plucked me from to write 4 SYWH. Anyway, I use Twitter to … Continue reading

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Guest appearance on Something Awful; Pointing Out that Metal Sucks

The internets were blessed with two SYWH collabos this week: one with the legendary Something Awful, and the equally excellent Metal Sucks. Don’t sleep on them! I was thrilled to once again participate in Something Awful’s Garbage Day column. If … Continue reading

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The Best Poor Life Choices

Poor Life Choices documents a group of fuckups (mostly) from Seattle who are far too smart to abuse drugs and alcohol like it’s a competitive sport but do it anyway. I think it is half a “life as performance art” … Continue reading

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