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AYO, so I found this page on facebook cause one of my lesbian friends liked the above picture, and gotdamn if its not the best page in Facebook history. They got like 1000 pictures of some girls that are seriously … Continue reading

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J-PoP: more Brutal than SLAM???

I like to deal in absolutes, I rarely feel ‘meh’ about anything. Bands, people, pizza, girls butts… I either love them or hate them, nothing in between. These strong feelings also give me an appreciation for things that are seemingly … Continue reading

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EDURNE: a slutwave failure?

I’m into sports, so I learn about a lot of new music when I read about how some sports dude is dating a hot chick singer. That’s how I learned Cheryl Cole exists even before she was Maxim’s hottest woman … Continue reading

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Is Margla Too Slutty For Slutwave?

I never admit I’m wrong, but I will admit that this video made me briefly wonder whether I might have been wrong to call Nives Celzijus the bottom of the slutwave barrell. I mean, this is pretty damn barrell-bottomy too… … Continue reading

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Poor Foreign Country Slutwave

I should mention that this video is NSFW, probably even if your job is repairing chainsaws and lawnmowers and you have a calendar with naked chicks hanging above your computer at work. I love the blatant tastelessness of it all: … Continue reading

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Them Millionaires Hoes Is Bad.

I don’t even know what to say about these girls anymore. It’s all been said, and they still DGAF. Props for that, otherwise I’m at a loss. “#n00dz, #fuck, post that shit, @is_anyone_up?” — butthole please. This is a new … Continue reading

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Of course most scene bands are all about the jesus, or at least recognize the power of christmas to generate sales during a recession. So, it’s no surprise that there are some great “x-mas songs” being dropped on the internetz. … Continue reading

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