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I am a serious teen vocalist searching for bandmates who want to take their music ALL THE WAY! I know what it takes to get to the top, and have an uncle who knows people in the music industry who … Continue reading

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Some kid makes a super-srs SCUM SLUT vocal cover

If you remember that Australian band ENDWORLD whose song started with “YOU ARE A SCUM SLUT!!” and had an amazing video where they played their instruments really badly by the side of a muddy creek, consider yourself one of the … Continue reading

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Vocal Covers = Career Path! [via Suiside Silence]

They may have been all the rage of late here at SYWH, but there is now proof that vocal covers work! My man BlugeonedT0DEth was posting mad vocal covers but there is some good news! He’s now doing vocals for … Continue reading

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The next frontier in lulzy vocal covers: fake I DECLARE WAR music video I thought those kids who make fake recording studios took vocal cover videos seriously, but this bro RapeThyCorpse is even more into being a Youtube vocal cover pro. He made his own little music video for some I DECLARE … Continue reading

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Vocal cover music video? BWWAAAAAHH? Well, this is new to me. I don’t know if Mr. “RapeThyCorpse” is the first to do this or not. It looks like it’s a good way to put yourself out there. Personally, I think the video itself is … Continue reading

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Some tweens do FIGHT FAIR cover videos

I was lucky enough to see Fight Fair three times last year, and probably the best part of a Fight Fair show is LOLing at the contrast between the guys in the band (slightly awkward Jewish guys who are devotees … Continue reading

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Mountain of fat does vocal cover of Paramore

Well there isn’t much more to say about this one… wowowowowowowowow – Tanks to Javier for the link!

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Senor Bivins screams deathcore songs in his bedroom, ladies sweat him for it

Today a YouTube bro showed me that I am doing something very wrong with my life. I’m man enough to admit it: I should have dedicated myself to deathcore*. Popular deathcore bands like Suicide Silence and Bring Me the Horizon … Continue reading

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