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wat u think abt SOULJA BOY

I’m white but I have a black friend and we end up talking hip hop most the time we chill, who would’ve known. Well the other night we had a bit of a disagreement – you see I think SOULJA … Continue reading

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Are you motivated???

    Living in any major metropolitan area (except EN-JAY…eww…) in the continental you-es, you get a mix of a shitload of people via ‘merica basically being a nation of a shitload of people from different places n shit(read : … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about El-Lay

Hola. Me llamo latinoheat. Yo soy un Angelino con orgullo. Yo tambien soy un Estado Unidense que es hispano. If you understood that then you must live in some part of California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, or some lonely … Continue reading

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CARLEY RAE JEPSON Drops Catchiest Song of 2012

I love pop jams, the catchier the better, and every summer seems to have that one song that won’t go away because its too good. There are zero songs that exist that are catchy and also bad. Catchiness is created … Continue reading

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Can New Mexico be redeemed by its music scene?

New Mexico is what most people know as the landmass between Arizona and Texas. It’s that boring stretch of road that you have to endure while traveling across the southwest. There’s a reason why it was chosen for nuclear bomb … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About “Real Music”

Youtube comments are probably the best place to go if you want to find some really ignorant statements. Some of the dumbest are these ridiculous calls to bring back “real music”. And there are a lot of them, because real … Continue reading

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NEW ISMFOF is ________ ?

I never really understood the appeal of I Set My Friends On Fire.  The time Sarge and I saw them live it was these two OTW’s playing non-sensical riff salade´, and some metal dork on drums.   Naturally, kids were … Continue reading

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WHAT DO U THINK: Why do emo girls have big butts?

I was thinking it would be cool to take advantage of technology and “make this more of a conversation.” With that in mind, I am starting a new section on SYWH entitled “WHAT DO U THINK” where I post some … Continue reading

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