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Ya know, BROADWAY? Yeah, I MAD.

Broadway is one of my favorite bands. They have what I would consider a permanent position in my top 3–but I am reconsidering. Because they are pissing me the fuck off. reason 1: (that I just realized as I was … Continue reading

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Fuck OLYMPIA, WA in the asshole

I’ve spent most of my life living in Seattle proper and despite what Calvin Johnson or any other K Rec fucko will tell you, Olympia sucks balls. Here is a list of places that I would rather go to than … Continue reading

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Some straightedge Euros with face tats have a rap song

In case you hadn’t noticed, I hate Europeans and their dumb culture. That said, it’s always super lulzy when they try to act like American thugs/tough guys (see my earlier post “Can Foreigners Play Thugcore??“). SYWH Latin American Bureau Chief … Continue reading

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