Andy Dick is an extra in the new FALLING IN REVERSE video

On the brighter side, the song is fucking awesome and sounds exactly like prime ESCAPE THE FATE– looks like Ronald is even growing his scene hair out again! In b4 they switch to Myspace as their “exclusive social media partner” and the revival is in full effect.

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> waiting patiently in my neon bunker for easycore to rise from the ashes, reborn like a proud majestic phoenix
> monitoring radio scanner for signs of life
> detects a faint but clear signal from SETTLE YOUR SCORES crackling across the airwaves
> sounds exactly like a generic ez band from 2009 that would have been on xeasycorex
> shoots a signal flare into the sky, so glad not to wander this wasteland alone anymore


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Jason from LETLIVE has a clothing company for gentlemen with man-buns

jason letlive gentlemen

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.37.39 PM

great shirt not a conformist

Thanks to Adam Q. for awaring us to this


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Former bullshit Warped Tour band BAYSIDE put “bullshit warped tour bands” on blast

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.55.36 AM

sad 4u, BAYSIDE. u guys should know better than to turn into bitter old men who repeat the cycle of “last’s years ‘trendy bullshit for teenagers who shop at the mall’ is this year’s Real Music.” from what i understand, these guys have some kind of roots in DIY hardcore, so i naively held out hope that they wouldn’t turn into crabby old men who turn their back on the scene that built their careers and premiere songs on lol @ me.

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let’s talk about EARLY 2000s POP

early 2000s pop

When I look back on the past 20 years, I realized that I got to experience a lot of things that Kids These Days would think are pretty cool: seeing LIFE OF AGONY and CROWN OF THORNZ in their prime, going to Taco Bell with ONE LIFE CREW and WARZONE, wearing Ray Cappo’s shoes, and so forth. But when I look back at all those moments, it all seems like a bunch of bullshit compared to what was a truly magical era for music and culture: the early 2000s!

In all seriousness, I get super nostalgic for this era in a way that I just don’t about any other period in time. I’m not sure why, because I was in my early 20s, broke as shit and (worst of all) fat, so it’s not like I was living it up and having the time of my life or something. We might not have had much, but we had “Making The Band,” PS2, and flared Mudd jeans and that was enough for us!!

I could go on forever about this incredible era, but in the interest of brevity and millenial’s gnat-like attention spans, I’ll just share a few of my favorites:

Although she always played second fiddle to Britney, Christina Augilera is #1 in my heart. Her look in this video drives my pee-pee crazy: like a bro-ho stripper from Ontario with a kid that her mom takes care of who would surprise you on Valentine’s day by getting Vajazzled. That two-toned skunk hair, hngggggggg! Also, this song is a great example of the bizarre harpsichord trend of 99-01 or so (see also DESTINY’S CHILD).

Speaking of harpsichords and DESTINY’S CHILD, how about “Bills Bills Bills”? A couple of things that make this song one of the most *cough* ‘urban’ things ever recorded: that the whole thing is set in a beauty shop; the part at 1:54 where they label the guys as ‘broke’ and ‘triflin’; the word ‘automobills.’ Another classic from this era of DC is “Bugaboo” featuring the line “call AOL have my email stopped.”

I had the biggest crush on Mandy Moore when this video came out, which made it even more heartbreaking when she married Ryan Adams and proved that she was not the squeaky clean, G-rated sweetheart that she appeared to be in this video. But I try to put that out of my head and just pretend that when she whispers “I’ll be forever yours, love always Mandy” that she meant it for me and me alone <3 Bonus trivia: this song is written by Dave Katz, who went on to write for such neon icons as METRO STATION, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, CASH CASH, and ALL TIME LOW.

Let’s move on to some early 2000s deep cuts, starting with one of my favorite underappreciated gems: the debut album from SKYE SWEETNAM. This album is pure power-pop perfection, like everything I always wanted every neon band with a girl singer to be. I think she won some Canadian TV competition or something, and I guess she’s still around and making music, but she looks all grose and Tumblr now :/

Let’s be real: slightly slutty mainstream girls are the best thing God ever put on this planet, and this song is awesome because it’s 4 minutes and 18 seconds of love for basic girls. The main rapper guy from LFO wrote this song and seems like he was actually a really cool guy– sadly he died of cancer a few years ago. However, he left us with this song and an amazing interview on Howard Stern about how Lou Perlman tried to fuck him. RIP Rich Cronin, you seemed like a cool dude and you were very advanced. Someone should cover this but change it to be about yoga pants, Uggs and Snapchat.

And last but not least, one of my favorite deep cuts from HOKU. While most people know her for the song “Perfect Day” that was in “Legally Blonde,” I personally prefer her debut single “Another Dumb Blonde.” Press play and prepare for a wave of early 2000s nostalgia to hit you FAST & HARD: the opening 10 seconds are of a guy using a first-generation gumdrop iMac to check his AOL email (probably using Netzero dialup to connect to the internet).


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Spring fashion preview: get the hot new look for 2015 hardcore kids!

hardcore fashionphoto credit: Michael O.

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peep the new LIGHT YEARS video

featuring Real Deep

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if u miss old HIT THE LIGHTS, check out THIEF CLUB

thief club

I have mentioned many times how much I love prime HIT THE LIGHTS (where “prime” = “Skip School” and “Coast To Coast”). The new HTL single is rad and definitely gives me hope, but when it comes to “bands who sound exactly like old HIT THE LIGHTS,” there is nobody better than THIEF CLUB (which is apparently a side project featuring the singer of HIT THE LIGHTS and some guitarist that sounds a lot like the guy from HTL). I am not really sure what the point is of starting a side project that sounds 100000% exactly like your main band but whatever, this shit jams:

strong “Coast To Coast” vibe. gotta love their trademark BOSTON-style guitar tone

i never get sick of ‘rmbr when we were just whimsical kids that enjoyed a carefree lifestyle wo all the responsibilities of adulthood???’ songs and this one is a fuckin banger. sick chugs during the verse too.

the semi-breakdown at 2:17 hnnnnnngggggggggg so fucking good! why aren’t there more bands that sound like this?!

Don’t really know anything about this band, but they are fucking awesome and I hope to hear more from them, or at least more HIT THE LIGHTS songs that sound like this. And if there is a god in the barren skies hanging over this fetid planet, I beg him to make this style The Next Big Thing after all the young-adult-twinkledaddy-soft-grunge-pop-punx have moved on to their American/shoegaze/doom metal phase.

good band

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will knuckle puck wear the tr00 pop punk crown in 2k15?


If you look back on 2k14, it was undoubtedly Real Friends time to shine within the pop punk district. They released their scene label debut, did a headlining tour across the US of A, and surpassed The Wonder Years and The Story So Far in Facebook likes. But much like a good game of Mario Kart, you should watch your back Real Friends! You may have surpassed those dudes in second and third place but the dude in fourth is quickly gaining speed, and he just got the triple mushroom turbo boost! Of course, I am referring to fellow Chicago betas, Knuckle Puck, who have set out to take the pop punk throne in 2K15. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got going for them…


Mad Hype

This is probably the most crucial factor that will play into their success. If you take a look at their touring history, they keep climbing the ranks of the scene. From touring the US with Man Overboard and Transit, to touring with Senses Fail on their Let It Enfold You 10 year anniversary, to touring the UK with Neck Deep, and an upcoming US tour with Real Friends and… The Maine (yes you read that right), it is obvious that the momentum is strong and the hype keeps growing.

kptape1   Unfortunately Knuckle Puck have fallen victim to the cassette trend :( it’s whatever tho, get them tr00 dollaz, bois 

Less Fangirls (for now)

This is also an important aspect that is worth noting. Unlike many other bands in the genre whose fanbases have been overflooded with jailbait, Knuckle Puck have managed to maintain a bit more of an elite group of followers. I’ve even heard lots of people be like “I’m not that into tr00 pop punk… but I do like Knuckle Puck” (ez bros have said this). To be honest, their audience probably will change and get more overrun by fangirls, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I mean, everyone knows that teenage girls are the strongest market (just look at One Direction or Justin Bieber for example).

   Songwriting Ability 

This is one of their strongest suits. Let’s take a look at some of the standout tracks from their discography…

I’m not much of a fan of the music video, but their 2013 hit “No Good” has become an undeniable modern classic within the genre.

“This is our song about how we hate social media!! btw follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, youtube, google+ and snapchat” 

“I don’t think about you anymo.. wait… nvm”

Very catchy song from their most recent EP

The last track on their latest EP quite possibly might be their best song yet. Trigger warning: emotional coming of age lyrical content within

So do Knuckle Puck have what it takes to make it? It’s all riding on their scene label debut coming this summer on Rise Records…


knucklepuckgifOnce the tumblr lyric gifs have been made, there’s no turning back!

Does pop punk have any juice left for one more band to make bank off it or is the genre too washed up? Will Real Friends be opening up for Knuckle Puck this time next year? Why do you think the singer hates himself?

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Sumerian Records releases trailer for their upcoming bro-comedy

“American Pie with breakdowns”?

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