mall screamo is tr00 now

i was born in the wrong generation– wish I could go back in time to when REAL music was popular. u know, like MEST, GOOD CHARLOTTE, SUGARCULT and BOWLING FOR SOUP.

(thanks to John B for the note)

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Are These Early Signs of an “Old School Deathcore” Revival? (The Return of Br00tality)

It is so fascinating watching the musical pendulum swing before our very eyes. We have witnessed “Real” music slowly progress into Fake music (like how tr00 kids started distancing themselves from bands like TSSF and Man Overboard once their fanbase became increasingly populated with more and more jailbait). Meanwhile, “Fake” music is slowly starting to become tr00 (like the impending neon-easycore revival) (fingers crossed).


While we may have to wait a little while for the neon/easycore revival, one musical development that has become ever so evidently clear is deathcore’s attainment of tr00 credibility. I remember uploading deathcore breakdown videos back in 2007-2008 and literally 67% of the comments were stangry IMNs telling me to listen to REAL metal (“u say Suffokate, I say Suffocation!!”). Then, at some point down the line (I would say around 2010-2011), deathcore stopped being trendy with scene kids (and in general) and that’s when metalheads started accepting it as a genre of their own (see my deathcore then vs. deathcore now post for a more in-depth look into this phenomenon).

bmthdeathcoreAs it should be.

So that has proved to us once again that scene kids are always ahead of the curve when it comes to everything (not that we needed any reassurance of this obvious fact). But what lies ahead for the genre in this ever-changing music scene? Let’s go backwards and take a look at some of the bands from my first breakdown video from 2007, which now sits at 670,000 views, making it one of the most popular showcases of old school deathcore. What you are about to find out may shock you.

Figure A: We Are The End

These guys could’ve easily been placed in the “bands that never got anywhere then disappeared” category but they seem to have resurfaced recently and they are now posting nostalgic memes on their Facebook.


Considering that We Are The End was nowhere near the level of popularity of Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, and Job For A Cowboy, I’m willing to bet that someone in the band made this. Also notice how they are highlighting the OG deathcore AESTHETIC as well the music, which will be crucial for a tr00 revival imo.


More shameless nostalgia. This shirt isn’t that relevant in 2014 considering that most scene girls moved past that stage a long long time ago. Maybe if it said “scene chicks give the best university lectures”. Regardless, get that gwap boys.

Figure B: Carnifex 

Carnifex (also known as that band that announced they were breaking up, then got back together like a week later) were definitely one of the bigger bands in my video but mind = blown that they can release a music video in 2014 that doesn’t sound thaaaat far off from their old stuff (minus a bit of pseudo black metal influence) and garner almost half a million views. Maybe soon they can start calling themselves a deathcore band again.


 Carnifex in 2007 = “sup bros, we’re a deathcore band, just burst out onto the scene”


Carnifex in 2013 = “DEFEND DEATH METAL”

Figure C: Her Demise My Rise

I already did a post about how I was surprised these guys were still around but I am perpetually baffled that they continue to exist.


They just did an interview on a blog called “PIG SQUEALS AND BREAKDOWNS”? Is this 2006?? Inb4 Job For A Cowboy does a 10 year anniversary tour for their “Doom EP” and claim that they never hated it.

Figure D: I Ate Everybody

This is a band that I never would’ve imagined coming back but much like We Are The End, they have resurfaced and they have recently released a new song which sounds exactly like their 2007 demo. I’m not sure if the lack of progression after 7 years should be considered a good thing or bad but props to them for sticking to their guns I guess?

Back when I was in an old school deathcore band, I wanted to make a t-shirt design of a scene girl hanging by her hair. Also, mind = blown at them using that “fucked and left for dead” line. Have you not heard the first Whitechapel album, bros?!? (I will probably make a post about it sometime in the future because it’s the best deathcore album of all time imo.)

Figure E: We Speak Texan

I found that I Ate Everybody’s reawakening was borderline eerie so I decided to search a band from my video that I for sure knew wasn’t back together, or so I thought…


An instrumental demo of a new song from their Facebook page posted a bit over a month ago. As far as I know, the band had been broken up since 2007 or 2008 prior to this. The first minute is super melodic so I thought they might have gone soft but then it goes into vintage deathcore after that. Clearly, no one really cares about this (besides the one person that liked the post – shoutouts Alexandria Davy), but I still found this discovery fascinating.


To be continued…?

Are we truly on the brink of an old school deathcore revival or are these bands just clinging on to the little relevance that they had via being featured on my breakdown compilation video 7 years ago? When the revival happens, will the scene aesthetic come back with it and make the genre non-metalhead friendly again? What other old school deathcore bands do you want to see reunite? Will bands ever start doing pig squeals again?


Credit to Aleksander Abdulov for some of the photos.

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“I’m a guy in the hardcore scene” starter pack

guy hardcore scene starter pack

the house on the upper right is the dagger

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BRING ME THE HORIZON are officially “REAL music” now

bmth title

bmth comments

People complaining about “14 year old scene kids” liking BMTH?!! Mind = fucking blown. We knew this day would arrive, but I don’t think any of us expected it to come so soon. What a time to be alive.

(thx to daniel penney for awaring me to this)

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girl hc

The starter pack meme is pretty played out, but I couldn’t pass this one up! Not sure who made it, credit to Josh McBain for awaring me to it

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Members of TERROR and DEEZ NUTZ form “trill punk” band called DEM NICE


Glad to see that nick has cleaned his look up a bit, i was kind of worried after he looked more and more like a tweaker from modesto with every passing TERROR tour

You probably know Nick Jett as the drummer for TERROR, or possibly as the brains behind “booty smell good doe” (trigger warning: creepy hardcore guys sniffing girls butts). Or maybe you even know him from his baffling, post-ironic rap project NASTY POSSE. While the direction of his many projects is kind of all over the place, the one thing that unites all of them is that they tend to leave you scratching your head and thinking to yourself, “I can’t tell if he is joking or not. And if he is joking, what exactly is the joke?” Which bring us to the latest confusing, presumably post-ironic project in his portfolio, DEM NICE, also ft JJ Peters of DEEZ NUTS:

Listening to this makes me feel weird and bad inside, like when you are standing around in high school and out of nowhere one of the popular girls starts talking to you and being really nice to you, and on the one hand you can’t help but want to be stoked but on the other hand you won’t let yourself because you’re sure that it’s just some mean-spirited prank, and as soon as you show any kind of genuine enthusiasm, she will do something horribly cruel and you’ll be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Feels Bad Feel

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if u want to be bored, check out the new TITLE FIGHT single

The soundtrack to low testosterone is here, accompanied by a dull video of some old guy stumbling around on a boat. Surprised they didn’t shoot the video on Betamax and beg MTV to resurrect 120 Minutes or SuperRock just to premiere it– I can totally picture Matt Pinfield gushing about it, right before they cut to a commercial for Pilotwings and F-Zero for SNES.


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I’ve been saying for a while now that a neon/ez revival is not too far off in the distance. I know it sounds crazy, what with tr00 pop-punk and 90s alternative rock-worship at an all time high, but you know what? They called Gallileo a fool too!

While I think we are still a ways out from a full-on revival or genre sea-change, I do think that we’re starting to see the early signs of it, as evidenced by these three new bands that could have easily been in one of Uppercut’s “bands who never went anywhere then broke up” posts about random ez bands from 2009. The one crucial detail here is that while they all SOUND like they’re from 2009, they don’t LOOK like it– which is my prediction for how the revival will go down. Expect bands that take their sonic cues from early FYS and ME VS HERO, but their fashion cues from H&M.

imo ALIVE IN STANDBY are the best of this crop, coming off something like FTSK meets FOUR YEAR STRONG (when they were actually good). Really top-notch stuff that could have been on some disaster of tour that played C-market VFW halls in 2009 with CITY LIGHTS and BOYS WILL BE BOYS. Bonus points for the singer’s “Flip coconut head.”

MFW there is a band in 2014 called CRUNKASAURUS REX and they are actually pretty good! Kinda reminds me of BROADWAY if they were a little less breakdown-laden. Easily the worst/best band name I have heard since CHUNK NO CAPTAIN CHUNK.

And finally we have some band called CHOKING AMBER, whose name has a weird “rapey buttrock band” vibe, but are actually a bunch of kids who are trying their best to look like TSSF and sound like a generic neon/ez band like, say, FRESHMAN 15 or something.

generic pop punk

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BROKENCYDE are still a band and have a new single (srs)

bc13 hairline

rule of thumb: when ur hairline looks like Nicolas Cage’s, u should probably stop playing scene music

Those of you who have been with SYWH since the beginning will remember that I was big on the crunkcore scene back in 2009-2010. Like any other genre, 95% of it was crap, but I thought the biggest bands in the genre had some potential to be legit crossover artists. Five years later, the dust has settled and the verdict on crunkcore is pretty clear. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD are a giant rock band (their most recent album was #2 on Billboard and went gold), so I was basically right about them. MILLIONAIRES completely fizzled, yet still cling to existence even though absolutely nobody cares. But on the bright side, at least Allison got porn-level hot and her Instagram is fun to lurk.

Their latest single features Deuce (formerly of HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD), who fell off even harder than MILLIONAIRES. It literally sounds like when you restart your browser and accidentally have like 4 Youtube tabs open at once, all playing a different song :/ The vocals aren’t even in the same key as the rest of the song.

Which brings us to the sad case of BROKENCYDE, who are inexplicably still a band in 2014. In most cases I would insert some kind of snarky comment about what losers they probably have days jobs delivering pizzas or something, but I think this is one of those cases where these guys literally aren’t cut out for anything other than being in a band. And I legitimately feel bad for them, because they clearly don’t have what it takes to survive in the “real world,” but they are also terrible at making music.

If you thought the first song was bad, check out their previous single “I Hate You,” which is just shockingly awful. If you are familiar with their mixtape days circa 2007, it’s kind of like that only somehow even worse.

I feel like there should be some kind “scene counselor outreach program,” where we go around to the backstage of the shot, D-level venues that play host to all the washed up scene bands who refuse to die and try to help them transition to a new life. Sure, working 14-hour days at a cardboard box factory next to some dude who just got out of the joint for selling meth might not be the most glamorous life, but it’s gotta beat being in BROKENCYDE in 2015, right?


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MUSIC EVERYONE SLEPT ON – Henry Rollins Hot Animal Machine

In the triumvirate of entry level HXC frontmen (Rollins/McKay/Danzig), I’d say Rollins at least attained some kind of popular fame and acceptance. His post-BF band ‘Rollins Band’ got decent MTV time with ‘Liar’, he was in movies and (shockingly) people wanted to hear his opinions on all kinds of stuff in the mid-90s. He seems to have fallen into that Grumpy Old Man role that every early HXC dude seems to take on, but IDGAF about him anymore anyway.

But back right after BF broke up he put out this hidden gem under his own name. I picked this cassette up in like ’88 in some weird record store and that was the *only* time I ever saw the album for sale. I played this thing non-stop for years, and I was literally the only person that ever liked it. People would ask me to turn it off. Chicks would hate when I sang ‘Ghost Rider’, and I’ve never ever met another person that even heard of this album. IDK – maybe I don’t get out much..

Looking back, I find it weird, since this is basically like Black Flag 2.0. It’s got great Rollins lyrics (kinda Bukowski-esque slice of low down LA life stuff), and jammin music. It’s even got a Pettibon-like cover! But no one ever seemed to be into this…

Highlights: Crazy Lover, Hot Animal Machine & Ghost Rider – but the whole album is damn good! (and kinda old-timey!) I’m not saying this holds up or anything, but next time you get trapped by some NPR nerd talking your ear off about seminal BF albums, drop this one on ‘em!


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