if u miss old HIT THE LIGHTS, check out THIEF CLUB

thief club

I have mentioned many times how much I love prime HIT THE LIGHTS (where “prime” = “Skip School” and “Coast To Coast”). The new HTL single is rad and definitely gives me hope, but when it comes to “bands who sound exactly like old HIT THE LIGHTS,” there is nobody better than THIEF CLUB (which is apparently a side project featuring the singer of HIT THE LIGHTS and some guitarist that sounds a lot like the guy from HTL). I am not really sure what the point is of starting a side project that sounds 100000% exactly like your main band but whatever, this shit jams:

strong “Coast To Coast” vibe. gotta love their trademark BOSTON-style guitar tone

i never get sick of ‘rmbr when we were just whimsical kids that enjoyed a carefree lifestyle wo all the responsibilities of adulthood???’ songs and this one is a fuckin banger. sick chugs during the verse too.

the semi-breakdown at 2:17 hnnnnnngggggggggg so fucking good! why aren’t there more bands that sound like this?!

Don’t really know anything about this band, but they are fucking awesome and I hope to hear more from them, or at least more HIT THE LIGHTS songs that sound like this. And if there is a god in the barren skies hanging over this fetid planet, I beg him to make this style The Next Big Thing after all the young-adult-twinkledaddy-soft-grunge-pop-punx have moved on to their American/shoegaze/doom metal phase.

good band

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will knuckle puck wear the tr00 pop punk crown in 2k15?


If you look back on 2k14, it was undoubtedly Real Friends time to shine within the pop punk district. They released their scene label debut, did a headlining tour across the US of A, and surpassed The Wonder Years and The Story So Far in Facebook likes. But much like a good game of Mario Kart, you should watch your back Real Friends! You may have surpassed those dudes in second and third place but the dude in fourth is quickly gaining speed, and he just got the triple mushroom turbo boost! Of course, I am referring to fellow Chicago betas, Knuckle Puck, who have set out to take the pop punk throne in 2K15. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got going for them…


Mad Hype

This is probably the most crucial factor that will play into their success. If you take a look at their touring history, they keep climbing the ranks of the scene. From touring the US with Man Overboard and Transit, to touring with Senses Fail on their Let It Enfold You 10 year anniversary, to touring the UK with Neck Deep, and an upcoming US tour with Real Friends and… The Maine (yes you read that right), it is obvious that the momentum is strong and the hype keeps growing.

kptape1   Unfortunately Knuckle Puck have fallen victim to the cassette trend :( it’s whatever tho, get them tr00 dollaz, bois 

Less Fangirls (for now)

This is also an important aspect that is worth noting. Unlike many other bands in the genre whose fanbases have been overflooded with jailbait, Knuckle Puck have managed to maintain a bit more of an elite group of followers. I’ve even heard lots of people be like “I’m not that into tr00 pop punk… but I do like Knuckle Puck” (ez bros have said this). To be honest, their audience probably will change and get more overrun by fangirls, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I mean, everyone knows that teenage girls are the strongest market (just look at One Direction or Justin Bieber for example).

   Songwriting Ability 

This is one of their strongest suits. Let’s take a look at some of the standout tracks from their discography…

I’m not much of a fan of the music video, but their 2013 hit “No Good” has become an undeniable modern classic within the genre.

“This is our song about how we hate social media!! btw follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, youtube, google+ and snapchat” 

“I don’t think about you anymo.. wait… nvm”

Very catchy song from their most recent EP

The last track on their latest EP quite possibly might be their best song yet. Trigger warning: emotional coming of age lyrical content within

So do Knuckle Puck have what it takes to make it? It’s all riding on their scene label debut coming this summer on Rise Records…


knucklepuckgifOnce the tumblr lyric gifs have been made, there’s no turning back!

Does pop punk have any juice left for one more band to make bank off it or is the genre too washed up? Will Real Friends be opening up for Knuckle Puck this time next year? Why do you think the singer hates himself?

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Sumerian Records releases trailer for their upcoming bro-comedy

“American Pie with breakdowns”?

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OF MICE & MEN release crappy new #hardrock single

You have to feel bad for OF MICE & MEN because they are at an awkward crossroads. On the one hand, they are on the threshold of a mainstream breakthrough thanks to the super-catchy hooks and choruses in songs like “Would You Still Be There.” On the other hand, the problem is that the catchy parts are largely due to the bassist’s (actually awesome) vocals. And while he is a great vocalist he is a bit on the chubby side / does not have any neck or hand tattoos and is therefore not frontman material (these days u can’t get those military wives panties to drop without neck tatties).

Which means that they need to keep Austin in the band even though he quite obviously has no musical talent whatsoever and is basically just a prop who stands around on the sidelines awkwardly “rocking out” while the actual musicians in the bands play. But they can’t be totally blatant about that so they have to give him a few parts where he unleashes his super-cringy “hard rock” vocals just to maintain the illusion that he is more than just the “scene Flava Flav.” Or in this case, give him an entire song to do it. Awkward :/

For future reference, when starting a boy band, make sure that the cute/popular one is also the most talented (eg Justin Timberlake) so you don’t find yourself in uncomfortable situations like this one!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 6.49.06 PM

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TY MARCH (ex-Capture The Crown) releases a country pop BANGER

It’s a well known fact that metalcore musicians are lacking in the songwriting department, so the most popularity they ever get is from covering someone else’s chart topping hit. When you go on any of these bands’ spotify pages, their #1 most popular song is always their top 40 cover featured on one of the “Punk Goes Pop” compilations. This is especially embarrassing in cases like Woe, Is Me, where their top 2 most popular songs are both Katy Perry covers.

But this is not the case for Ty March, former drummer of Capture The Crown. Not only has he put out a legit bankable pop single, but he is taking on a market that has yet to be tackled by scene artists: Country Pop. I’m looking forward to hearing more cause GOD DAMN this song is a banger. Expect imitators soon.

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Guest Post: Pizzan0mics’ Guide to Euro Pop Punk

If you aren’t familiar with pizzan0mics, he’s the guy who made the comprehensive guide to #ezcrab chart. Well, now he’s back to guide us through the pop punk/easycore scene that’s happening in euroland. Listen up cause this guy knows his stuff. Cue British accent…


These are the places in Europe that are producing some decent bands at the moment – to be fair Eastern Europe needs to up its game a bit

There’s no denying that Europe usually lags behind a little bit when it comes to music, usually jumping on trends that are starting to disappear in other places such as the USA and UK, and for this reason alone Europe unfortunately tends to get neglected by music fans, when really its bands are releasing some of the best music at the moment – especially in the pop punk scene. All credit where it’s due to these bands, I couldn’t even string together a sentence in their own individual languages, let alone write a song, so the lulzy lyrics have to be excused.



Madcraft are like a super-posi Man Overboard, but sound more like what Blink-182 would probably sound like if they formed today. Considering Finland is full of Death Metal and Hardcore bands, it’s refreshing to hear something cheerful.

Almost In Time have only released a couple of songs at the moment, but they sound as if they could easily have been placed on Four Year Strong’s first album. Their borderline #ezcrab sound is definitely something to keep your eye on – although they’re only releasing singles at the moment, they should be releasing an EP soon which will be worth checking out.

Founding Neverland have been around for a while now and are also planning on putting out something this year. I’d say these guys are borderline #ezcrab too. Super sick build-up to a breakdown @ 2:49.



Buddies Say: Ho! are taking #ezcrab to the next level (#ezdjent???), maybe too far for my taste – #3manystrings5me – but they’re definitely giving lots of other similar bands a run for their money.

Update: They have changed their name to Get Your Ass To Mars. 

Hightower kind of sound like if Gnarwolves were to go a bit soft grunge… that’s literally the only comparison I can make off the top of my head. I know some people might have some qualms with the vocals but I think they’ve really got something going.

I don’t think Hook And Pals have quite mastered their songwriting yet, although there is definitely potential for them, however this music video is truly awful. There are too many highlights to point out so I would just suggest watching the whole thing. Warning: it’s very awkward.


The sample that goes with this shot @ 1:58 is so bad it’s funny



Cue cliché lyrics about having awesome friends but Storyteller write some totally #ez lyrics whilst keeping it tr00, glad to know not everyone is trying to make everything deliberately sad *cough* Real Friends….. *cough*



For those of us who still miss Till We Drop (rip), we luckily have Show Your Otherside to fill that void. They recently released a song which is cool but it’s not pop punk unfortunately. Their previous EP rules though.

This riff is by no means original, but Have No Clue are extremely tight and write some semi-decent lyrics. They kind of remind me of a better version of Neck Deep.



LineOut are your average pop punk band, except Italian and really catchy. Bonus points for them for taking the stereotypical ‘house party’ music video and mixing it up a bit. Skip to 1:38 to get knocked out and then wake up in the middle of a game of Russian Roulette, and then skip to 2:24 to watch Adam Sandler’s crazy Italian doppelgänger give you alcohol poisoning.

Being one of the tr00est bands on this list, Traveller’s Tales are incredibly tight and sound like they could be Seaway’s Italian counterparts. The little guy’s vocals @ 1:21 seriously pack a punch!

Tidus Is Alive was some weird one man #ezcrab band which to be honest was pretty weak, but they’ve recently gone full band and put out an EP and it isn’t even that bad. FFO: songs that could be Pardon My French B-sides.

If you’re into bands with accents that are pretty hard to understand, then look no further, you’ll love My Hardest Fight. All jokes aside, they recently put out an EP and it’s really good – not your stereotypical #ezcrab.

The Netherlands


Call It Off probably have the lyrics that make the most sense out of all these bands, and again they’re incredibly tight too. I’d compare them to a relatively unknown band called A Hero’s Fate. I’m a sucker for a Dutch accents too. Probably my favourite band on this list. The guy with the glasses is (was?) also in a similar sounding band called Glasses & Mustaches.

Signed to the same label as Call It Off, The 101’s also keep it pretty tr00 and write some super catchy jams.



Literally only just found out about these guys the other day, but Take Me To The Hospital are like a Polish version of New Found Glory. In my opinion there is still room for improvement, but this is by no means a bad effort.



There is a decent amount of #ezcrab popping out of Russia at the moment, and a few of those bands have been mentioned quite a bit here on SYWH. However, there is the odd Easycore 1.0 band around too, one of which is Multy Tabs. I can’t find any information about them whatsoever so I have no idea If they’re still around. If you dig Can’t Bear This Party you’ll definitely like these guys! 



 In Years To Come are also a band that you will almost definitely like if you’re into CBTP, and they also probably aren’t together anymore…



Dorm Patrol are like a Swedish version of City Lights. There is literally nothing else to say. I’m not really sure why they’re destroying loads of stuff in this video but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

If you like bands that directly rip off other bands but do it better than the band they’re ripping off, then I’d suggest checking out Stay On Target. They’re friends with SYWH favourites Abandoned By Bears, so you know they must be good.

If this wasn’t enough proof that mainland Europe is absolutely killing it at the moment then maybe you’re a closet racist. If you were affected by any of the music mentioned in this post then please don’t hesitate to reply. Your opinions matter.

Trigger warning: he pulls the trigger

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They played a TRANSIT song during the Super Bowl

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.11.30 PM

Sometimes I feel like I have weird super powers, like some kid in a movie where everything he draws in his notebook becomes real (which he discovers when he draws a tiger humping his dad, only to walk downstairs to breakfast to find an actual tiger humping his dad). Or in this case, during last night’s Super Bowl when they played TRANSIT during the second quarter and CURSIVE in the 3rd quarter… it’s like some sarcastic joke I would make, only IRL. Mind = positively blown at soft grunge young adult tumblr twinkledaddy basement emo being the soundtrack to #beastmode.

God, if ur listening, and u want me to know that ur real, grant me this wish: make AMERICAN FOOTBALL the new UFC theme song.

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the funk metal trend has afflicted these poor australian youths

Introducing Australia’s newest funk metal sensation… UPPERGROUND!


  • I haven’t seen anyone wear their sweatshirt tied around their waist like that since 6th grade during recess when kids would take off their sweatshirt cuz it was too hot to play soccer in it but they didn’t wanna put it on the fence cuz they were afraid that it might get jacked.
  • She should write “hardcore cred” next to the check-mark on her sports bra because that’s the only reason I could think of for why she would be wearing a Nike sports bra on stage. Seriously though, what’s up with all these bands jocking Nike? I guess hardcore music and Nike products do share some things in common though – they’re both made by indignant kids when they’re not at school.
  • The guitarist is wearing striped track pants (lol). I don’t know what the fashion trends are like in Australia but the only Canadian I’ve seen wear those in the last 15 years is Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

Rare footage from an Upperground show in some community center or bingo hall or something. The singer is def on her Iggy Azalea steeze with the whole “blonde Australian chick rapping like a US minority from the ghetto” thing. She does not take fashion cues from Iggy though, considering her ass is being concealed by a hooded sweatshirt. But in a way I guess she’s more authentic than Iggy because her mixtape is an actual cassette tape. Peep the funny part at 1:45 where it cuts to 3 people of an unidentifiable sex headbanging.

Check out this hot track from their fire mixtape

Lol their old band sounds like Tonight Alive. Why didn’t they stick with this style? I bet tumblr SJWs would get mad about the chopsticks in her hair and call it “cultural appropriation”


“The first release of tapes sold out almost immediately” = me buying all ten copies so I could resell them for 4x the price to amenable kids on Ebay. I feel like cassette tapes should come free with a free walkman though because seriously who owns a cassette player anymore? Or are kids supposed to blast these tapes through an old school boombox on their street corner cul-de-sac? Would it be easier to just sell a picture of the cassette tape so that kids could go straight to uploading it onto their blog and show it off to whatever friends they’re trying to impress while not listening to it? Regardless, this cassette tape trend is cringe-worthy and has to end. The transition of vinyl being trendy to cassettes becoming trendy is similar to the transition of HIV developing into AIDS, imo. The good thing about this comparison is that it means the cassette trend doesn’t have much time left, and will inevitably die soon.


inb4 people start jocking SERIAL JOE aka the Justin Biebers of funk metal

What do you think about Upperground? Should they go back to playing semi-marketable pop rock? Do you think their OOP shirts will be sought after in the merch swap group on facebook?

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if u wish there was a band that sounded like THE STORY SO FAR meets FOUR YEAR STRONG then check out TONIGHT WE FIGHT

Pop punk has sort of become stale to me at this point. I still jam all the classics but when I’m checking out a new band, they have to be really friggin good at it or at least have a fresh take on it to keep my attention. Tonight We Fight, who seamlessly blend tr00 pop punk and easycore into one, is definitely one of those bands.

This song begins with a strong TSSFcore/teen angst vibe and I could tell it was going to be like that before the song started playing because they’re using that “brain flower” font that you always see tr00 pop punk bands use (sort of like how easycore bands always used varsity font) . But then at the end, they throw in a surprise breakdown which sets the tone for the next track on their EP.

Track 2 starts off an a totally different note than the first one with its easycore riffage and breakdowns, but the band still manages to maintain a sense of tr00 throughout the song.

“Rock Bottom” definitely is definitely more EZ than the other songs. Kinda reminds me of old CITY LIGHTS. I want to hear more but that’s all they’ve released from their upcoming EP so far :(

Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook.


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RIOT Fest books FAITH NO MORE; confirms my funk-metal trend predictions

riot fnm

Guys, please remember: when it comes to predicting what stupid thing hardcore kids will jock next, NEVER DOUBT ME.

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