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THE WONDER YEARS are publishing a coffee table book about themselves (srs)

Will it include a chapter called ‘EASYCORE EXEGESIS’ in which they explain the tr00 meaning behind the zany song titles of their old songs like “Bout To Get Fruit Punched, Homie” and “Keystone State Dude-Core”?

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Are u a REAL Four Year Strong fan??

In case you are not familiar with FOUR YEAR STRONG, I will quickly recap their career for you. They started out as a sweet easycore band that relied on a mix of catchy pop-punk choruses and sick breakdowns- a familiar … Continue reading

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Do you remember SAOSIN??

IMO the worst thing possible for a band is to be original. There’s nothing worse than being ahead of your time, because you do all the hard work of establishing something new and exciting, only to see other bands come … Continue reading

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Looking Back At Remembering Never

Remembering Never were a metalcore evolved into hardcore(used loosely) band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and they were one of my major musical influences. Consisting of SxE members, they didn’t consider the band SxE since they didn’t sing about that lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Like I said before, I thought the new ADTR was kinda weak and boring– not really feeling their new “Rise Against 2.0″ direction. The more I listen to Chunk No Captain Chunk, the more I think they are doing ADTR … Continue reading

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There is a new ADTR album but it kind of sux and sounds like Jimmy Eat World

Whenever a band says something along the lines of “our new album is way more mature than our older stuff,” that means they suck now. Usually it’s because they got up their own asses and decided that they want to be “artists,” and forgot that they play music for middle-class suburban teenagers. Continue reading

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