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SYWH At The Movies: Best Of The Aight 2014 Year End DTV Movie Review Extravaganza

Greetings once again faithful SYWHaters. First off, I’d like to express how good it feels to back, behind the keys as a contributing writer and also to be back home safely from my most recent deployment. As an avid film … Continue reading

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2013 BDC JAMS brought to you by SYWH BROS

Here at SYWH we pride ourselves on having the first scoop on up-and-coming talent in cutting edge genres, often breaking news on the groundbreaking work of strange Euros before the world is ready for it. I like to make sure … Continue reading

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We have an idea for a movie called BROLICE FORCE (Working Title)

SYWH is home to a bevy of talented individuals, but their skills are not limted to grody hardcore bands and professional metal nerd theatrics. Take a look at the skills on display in this SYWH brolaboration movie pitch: BROLICE FORCE!!!(Working … Continue reading

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