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what’s the best dj0ntcore band???

Dj0nt (the genre formally known as djent) is the typical path that the average br00tal kid took after growing out of his deathcore phase. Many questions have been raised about the genre – is it true core music? Or is … Continue reading

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Are video games influencing metalcore lyrics to become more violent?

So Emmure has this controversial track called “Bring a Gun to School” (they changed it to “Untitled” cause they were too pussie to use the original name I guess) off their new album “Internal Enemies” and everyone is freaking out … Continue reading

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do u remember when ATTHEGATESCORE was a thing?

Nowadays, when most people hear the word metalcore, they probably think of the heavier bands on Rise Records’ roster (Of Mice & Men, Memphis May Fire etc) but back in the day the word took on a totally different meaning. … Continue reading

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2013 has seen it’s ups and downs for the #ezcrab genre. On the downside, Lakeview‘s full length album which was supposed to be released last summer never came out and their record label (remember arkaik records? lol) fell through and … Continue reading

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Some new bands that still play EASYCORE 1.0

If you are anything like me, then you live and breathe easycore. You’re the realest of the real, the most posi of the posi, the most stoked out of everyone that has ever been stoked about anything. You’ve happily embraced … Continue reading

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The new WOE IS ME album is sweet as fuck

WOE IS ME’s brand of RnB-tinged crabcore on their first album was imo the hottest shit in the genre since the ATTACK ATTACK album. Like most fans, I was nervous when their singer Tyler Carter quit to pursue his career … Continue reading

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Albums u may have missed this year: AMERICAN ME – III

2012 has been a HELL of a year for moshing and moshing enthusiasts. There’s been strong releases from Xibalba, Emmure, Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Veil of Maya, Thick As Blood, the list goes on. Of course, nobody’s ever happy and I’ve … Continue reading

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Here is an interview with THESE HEARTS

THESE HEARTS is a band brought to you by our friends over at Victory that has a blend of clean vocals and breakdowns that is ideal for headbanging wind into their perfectly disheveled haircuts. As Sarge put it, they could easily be the nine-month … Continue reading

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What’s new in the world of BASS DROP BREAKDOWNS??

SUP BROS DO U REMEMBER BASS DROPS??? Back in 2009 it seemed like every deathcore/metalcore band was all about dat 808 boom exploding at key moments of their breakdowns, and I was in mosh heaven. Maybe it has something to … Continue reading

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Breakdown of the day: To The Lions

The other day I was browsing jewtube for generic metalcore videos, and found this little gem from 2009. From the start it seems like a pretty generic yet lulzy metalcore video. It has everything in it from horrible attempts at … Continue reading

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