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CITY LIGHTS is playing a reunion show; hey dudes r u ready 2?

For the first time in my entire life, I sort of wish I still lived in Ohio so I could go to this one-off reunion show from one of the best OG easycore bands, my good friends CITY LIGHTS. They … Continue reading

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ex-Fight Fair/This Time Next Year band releases tr00/hipster music video

It’s crazy to think that some members of Fight Fair are still playing music (wouldn’t they all be like 40 by now? I mean, Settle The Score EP came out 14 years ago) but here is this new vid from … Continue reading

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pop punk then vs. pop punk now

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I am super stoked to welcome the kings of meaningful young adult pop-punk/crewneckcore THE STORY SO FAR to the SYWH Podcast– they are non-ironically one of the best bands of the past 5 years, super cool guys, and a lot … Continue reading

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FOR THE WIN have a sweet new song

I have a long history of being the official #1 fan of a lot of B-level bands. For example, I seriously think I like 18 VISIONS more than anyone else on the planet (with the possible exception of Mick Deth). … Continue reading

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