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Are DESCENDENTS the definitive FRIENDZONECORE band??

L-R: nerd, weirdo, fattie, beta THE DESCENDENTS were one of my very favorite bands for years, and I thought I would listen to them for the rest of my life like I will BLACK FLAG, THE VANDALS, and 311. But … Continue reading

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There is a movie about DESCENDENTS, not sheriff want

The good: It’s about time someone made a movie about this band. For as much as hipsters fap and fawn over shitty 80s hardcore bands that nobody under 45 listens to like NEGATIVE APPROACH or whatever, the truth is that … Continue reading

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How the fuck did I not hear KNOCKOUT KID until now?! #easycore

As u can see from this irreverent photoshoot, they are chill bros whose lives are so zany it’s basically like American Pie but in real lief If you spend as much time looking for new easycore bands as I do, you’re … Continue reading

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Is this the ultimate FRIENDZONECORE song??

Back when deathcore bands sounded like shitty melodeath mixed with generic breakdowns instead of shitty djent mixed with generic breakdowns, the default lyrical theme for the genre was “u broke my heart u bitch now I want to kill u.” … Continue reading

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Kinda bummed that CRUCIAL DUDES wasted the best name ever

In the same way as it’s a huge bummer when you find out that a really hot bish is super Christian and doesn’t fuck, there are few things more disappointing than when a lame band has an awesome name. The … Continue reading

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