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Assburger’s victim?? Or just stangry fggt who uses big words to cover up for the fact that he is actually kind of dumb??? ‘omg mom i’m SO not crust punk i’m a left-Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist, stateless distributist ugh i hate you … Continue reading

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These bros rly know their hardcore history

Last week our bro Bronson made some awesome lessons about ‘hardcore history’ that are of dubious accuracy– the joke being about how funny it is when insecure little kids mythologize dudes in hardcore bands and latch onto them as father … Continue reading

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HXC History Part 4: Mosh for Krishna!

Krishnacore… oh man where do I start? The beginning I guess – the most any HXC kid knew about Hare Krishnas in the late ’80s is that they hung around airports and tried to sell you books. Then in ’89 … Continue reading

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