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HXC HISTORY: Hardline and how moshcore kids turned into vegan muslim fundamentalists (srs)

Once upon a time, Pete Wentz was in a band called VEGAN REICH (aka VEGAN JIHAD). As u might guess from the name, VR were vegan (as was the fashion at the time). But they didn’t stop there: they were … Continue reading

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Bands you may have slept on: DAY OF SUFFERING

Believe it or not, death metal and hardcore did NOT mix in the 90s. I know I’ve mentioned this many times before, but it’s critical to understanding why the awesome bands of the time were awesome. For the weird kids … Continue reading

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When FALL OUT BOY were vegan sxe moshbros

It’s probably common knowledge that Pete and Andy from FALL OUT BOY were once hardcore bros, but I’m not sure that people fully realize the extent of it. They weren’t just in some run of the mill, forgettable moshcore bands, … Continue reading

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