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From First to Last: A Poem About the Music Industry

In a little southern town in the not so distant past, five young men formed a band that they would call “From First to Last.” Young and unestablished, the band did as young band’s should, played local shows, released an … Continue reading

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Is this JONNY CRAIG working at Hot Topic?

Attn: RandomFan. I can’t tell, and AbsolutePunk thread is inconclusive… but would hardly be shocking that a junkie in a mid-level post-hardcore band is broke and has to work a retail job in between tours (in case you didn’t know, … Continue reading

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do you remember the old hot topic?

Not long ago I was strolling through my local mall(regrettably) and a question crossed my mind. What images come to mind when kids these days think about Hot Topic? Do they still think of it as the one store in … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the entire week jerkin- at work, in the car, the gym, everywhere I go all I can think about is jerkin! For those who aren’t familiar, jerkin is the style of dancing popularized by all those rap groups … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: The Bangz ft New Boyz “Found My Swag”

Maybe it’s because I am getting nostalgic for the good old days of Myspace, when it was all about neon animal prints, skinny jeans and electro beats, but I have been on a huge jerkin kick this week. Highlight is … Continue reading

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