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This nu-ikeacore band on Rise is all ‘popular music is so crappee and reality tv is stupid”

The ironing of this band being on Rise. The ironing of how ‘popular music sux ppl r dumb only real music is real’ songs are themselves incredibly formulaic, predictable and cliche. Dat album title, which I really wish I would … Continue reading

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As you may have heard, REFUSED recently played some reunion shows in NYC. Of course, washed up hipsters jizzed in their pants as soon as they heard about it on Brooklyn Vegan, and they sold out 5 nights at a … Continue reading

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Bro from DEFEATER plays an acoustic song by the fireplace (srs)

If anyone from Bridge 9 is reading this, I admit it: you got me! All this time I thought DEFEATER was the epitome of mindbottlingly cliched, cringeworthy attempts by upper middle-class fggts who think it’s cool to be “working class,” … Continue reading

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NPR premieres new DEFEATER video (srs)

Sometimes things just kind of fall into place in a way that’s way better than you could have ever dreamed: when you find $5 on the sidewalk, when you smash that cashier from Target who you knew was DTF because … Continue reading

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Some kid steals two DEFEATER shirts; Twitter beef results

Apparently some kid stole a couple shirts from DEFEATER, then they got really mad about it and everybody talked about it on the internet (with embarrassing results). Notes: LOL @ giving a shit about someone stealing $6 in merch from … Continue reading

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Some new shit from VICTORY RECORDS- wat u think??

So Victory has a bunch of shit coming out next month, which you can hear in this Jewtube video. I’ll keep this short but sweet– here’s my take, what’s yours?? Close Your Eyes sounds like Ignite but with good production. … Continue reading

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IKEACORE: hardcore for overeducated pussies who never actually liked hardcore

My friends mostly fall into two categories: fucked up alcoholics/drug addicts/criminals and overeducated pussies who are too smart for their own good yet somehow never found a way to make any real money. Although in many ways they couldn’t possibly … Continue reading

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Is TR00 POP PUNK the next big scene trend???

Although I’ll listen to just about anything, pop punk is probably my single favorite genre of music. If I look back at the bands who really mean something to me, it’s mostly shit like Blink 182, New Found Glory, The … Continue reading

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