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Audio Push Release New Mixtape

It kind of sucks. : ( The Push pulled a definite easycore on us and decided to try to be “real artists.”  This is really a shame because “Teach Me How to Jerk” really is a fantastic, fun track.  Don’t … Continue reading

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New Jamz: Smoove of Cali Swag District

It’s no secret that we at SYWH yearn for the glory days of jerkin’. Luckily for us, not everyone has “matured” and some folks are still holdin’ it down on the neon skinnies + candy Dunks tip.  Point in case:  … Continue reading

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DJ DIAMOND KUTS = a new wave of neo-jerk???

A new wave of neo-jerk? I’ve posted this track a couple of times in random places, but now I think the time is finally right to put it into a full post.  It’s brutally minimalistic and really irritating, right up … Continue reading

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Slamz and jerkin music = separated at birth? [via modernism]

If they were Mexicans instead of black, this picture of Rej3ctz could easily be some new slam band from Riverside (minus the culero-ish pink jacket) People always tell me that it’s funny how I listen to so many genres of … Continue reading

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“I Only Date Boys With Tattoos” [via The Bangz]

If you thought 15 year-old Tumblrsluts were the only girls who were suckers for losers with poorly-considered tattoos, think again! Apparently skinny “urban” girls from Southern California also think it’s cool to fuck guys with really bad judgement and a … Continue reading

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I wanna jerk

Mogz “Lambo Kicks” – MY KICKS LOOK LIKE LAMBORGHINIS This track is from a comp called “Sidekicks and Skateboards,” which is basically the best title of all time. When I sent this song to my bff BloodyGuts she said “The … Continue reading

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Lars Weiss of JUDGE/SIDE BY SIDE/ETC reviews ADTR, Attack Attack, BrokeNCYDE, and more

Guitarist Lars Weiss is a veteran of such legendary New York hardcore bands as Side By Side, Alone In A Crowd, Judge, and Uppercut– as well as a practicing attorney. Pretty impressive resume, but what I really appreciate about him … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: School Gyrls “Going To The Mall” [slutwave lite]

You know when you go to the grocery store and they have those store-brand versions of Doritos, Cheerios, and Chips Ahoy? They’re not quite as good as good as the real thing, but they’re way cheaper so sometimes you’re like … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the entire week jerkin- at work, in the car, the gym, everywhere I go all I can think about is jerkin! For those who aren’t familiar, jerkin is the style of dancing popularized by all those rap groups … Continue reading

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Some kid in pink jerkin at the mall

I know the jerkin movement isn’t as big as it was a couple years ago, but I’m still into it– if I was 15 years younger, black, and lived in Southern California I would be all about jerkin with my … Continue reading

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