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Dance Gavin Dance – Downtown Battle Mountain

It’s been five years since skramz heroes Dance Gavin Dance put out the legendary dtbm1. Reflect for that a while. Really take it in. If you don’t know who Dance Gavin Dance are, allow me to introduce you, skramz heathen. … Continue reading

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Is this JONNY CRAIG working at Hot Topic?

Attn: RandomFan. I can’t tell, and AbsolutePunk thread is inconclusive… but would hardly be shocking that a junkie in a mid-level post-hardcore band is broke and has to work a retail job in between tours (in case you didn’t know, … Continue reading

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3 minutes and 13 seconds with Jonny Craig

The “Downtown Battle Mountain 2″ tour made a stop in my hood last night, and I went to the show for one thing and when thing only– To claim my macbook from Jonny Craig. Here’s what went down… I rolled … Continue reading

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Jonny Craig Awkward-Off

I was gonna go with a macbook joke… but then this made me lolololololololololololol Ya know what’s awkward? Watching music videos of lead singers in and associated with Dance Gavin Dance. If you’ve seen Jonny spaz across the stage and … Continue reading

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braulioenglish aka SUBSCENE reviews DANCE GAVIN DANCE

Hi, I’m braulio english (no caps please) and I have a problem. So I’m sitting here, hungover, half asleep, half awake listening to Dance Gavin Dance’s new album when I decided I’d try to write a review that will end … Continue reading

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Thank god Jonny made it through recording…

Dance Gavin Dance version 4.1 (I recommend that at this point instead of trying to stay updated with band photos they should just photoshop members in and out…) Fuck yeah for Dance Gavin Dance’s new album! I’m so glad Jonny … Continue reading

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Jonny Craig jokes = never not funny

Oxycontin is a hell of a drug

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It’s Jonny Fucking Craig, What Did You Expect?

Since it’s looking like the “Did Jonny really scam a bunch of fans out of thousands of dollars?” question has been answered, lets move along to “Should we forgive Jonny?” But he looks so innocent… Well, to start it should … Continue reading

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