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One of SYWH’s most beloved pop icons Anthony Evans (AKA METROSEXUAL MUSCLES) is BACK! But now he’s performing under a new moniker… ANTHONY JAMES. This time he has relocated to everyone’s favorite state NEW JERSEY to continue pushing towards his … Continue reading

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can sum1 plz tell these asking alexandria fans that justin bieber doesn’t kno who danny warsnop is??

one of the more cringeworthy trends ive noticed recently is these weird memes where the singer of asking alexandria is having a conversation with justin bieber. of course this follows the pattern of “hate on the artists who are the … Continue reading

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Filth’s Law Of Musical Objectivity

Here at Stuff You Will Hate, we generally try and take the high road, and ignore those random morons that show up to enlighten us with their true pearls of wisdom like “This band sucks” or “You should listen to … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About “Real Music”

Youtube comments are probably the best place to go if you want to find some really ignorant statements. Some of the dumbest are these ridiculous calls to bring back “real music”. And there are a lot of them, because real … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber thinks nature is neat

Via his Instagram

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In this photo: Toby from H20, his son, and Justin Bieber

Via Head2Wall

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Ironic Covers That Made Bad Songs Better.

  In the world of youtube, amateur cover songs reign supreme. Over the years stars have been made from covering their favorite songs and posting a cute video on youtube -see pre-fame/puberty era Justin Bieber. If you’re a good or … Continue reading

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