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singer of Modern Baseball spotted hanging out with the Millionaires; potentially jeopardizes tr00 credibility

Run For Cover’s Modern Baseball has quickly risen to the top of teen bloggers’ playlists across the nation within the last year, but according to these recent pictures that have surfaced on the internet, the singer may be leading a … Continue reading

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The best of ALLISON GREEN’s slutty Instagram pics

Over the past year or so, I’ve developed a strong preference for kyut, sweet girls (TAY SWIFT I’m looking at you) and an equally strong aversion to self-centered, slutty-looking girls who crave male attention. That said, sometimes my penis has … Continue reading

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Early Xmas gift: ALLISON GREEN in yoga pants

The bad news is that formerly hotdorable scene queen MELISSA GREEN aka MELISSA MILLIONAIRE is no longer a cute little water balloon and now looks like a grose, haggard hostess at a club that has to specify ‘No Affliction or … Continue reading

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MELISSA MILLIONAIRE is even skinnier now, wat u think?

The latest update in our ongoing coverage of MELISSA MILLIONAIRE’s weight comes via her mildly lulzy (but mostly boring and slightly annoying) Instagram. On the positive side, my boner is excited about her slutty nails and the presence of leggings … Continue reading

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It’s sad that scene is dead, but the truth is that I couldn’t do this post while it was alive, like how you can’t really induct an athlete into the Hall Of Fame until they retire. It’s liek we can’t … Continue reading

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Melissa Millionaire is hella tr00


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WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES: Millionaires edition

About 10 years ago, one of my best friends came out to me. It seemed like it was hard for him, which is totally understandable because I’m sure that’s a really tough thing to do. Of course, I couldn’t care … Continue reading

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MILLIONAIRES beg for money to record their album

As you may know, Kickstarter is a digital panhandling site that allows people to beg for money to fund their art projects. It’s very popular with artsy white fggts who are looking for money to start their artisanal saltwater taffy … Continue reading

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Hottest chick singers 2k11 edition

With Melissa Millionaire losing her water balloon status and the whole skinny thing not working so well for her, it’s time to revise our opinions about who the hottest chick singer in the world right now is. Who’s competing for … Continue reading

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MELISSA MILLIONAIRE is skinny now. What u think??

It’s no secret that Melissa Millionaire is my D-level band crush, but I’m starting to wonder if her and I have grown apart. The adorable, pleasantly-plump little brat of 2007 is gone, replaced by a gaunt, coke-fueled girl who takes … Continue reading

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