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There is a new THE ACACIA STRAIN single, what do u think of it?

When it comes to absurdly downtuned chugcore, I think “Wormwood” still holds the title for the pinnacle of the genre. Like all the best albums, it’s accessible and catchy [via retardedly simple chug riffs] but keeps things interesting with variations … Continue reading

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KNOCKED LOOSE are heavier than h*ck!!!

welcome 2 the mosh party It seems that every month we discover a new band that can only be described as “the heaviest most ignorant shit ever”, so here is this month’s edition. ¬†They are called KNOCKED LOOSE from Louisville, … Continue reading

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DROWNING have the best hardcore video since XIBALBA “Cold”

I have no idea who this band is, but consider me their #1 after watching this video! I feel like I should try to come up with something more witty for the intro but this is one of those things … Continue reading

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PRESTIGE is my favorite NWHC band (that isn’t rly hardcore)

Bonus points for having not one but TWO minorities in the band– not even sure what breed of OTW the singer is. I am guessing flip but idk?? #diversity As much as I love hardcore as a culture, I’ll be … Continue reading

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Holy fuck the new THOSE WHO FEAR = you’re moshing

We’ve been big fans of THOSE WHO FEAR for a long time here on SYWH, and I am super stoked to see that they’ve signed with the premiere mosh4christ label FACEDOWN RECORDS. Even better, they’ve somehow managed to become even … Continue reading

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JUDGE is back, motherfuckers!

I am always puzzled when bands nobody cares about get back together years after they were (barely) relevant in the first place. Like, is there anybody clamoring for a BROTHER’S KEEPER or 59 TIMES THE PAIN reunion? It’s basically never … Continue reading

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No Zodiac’s POPULATION CONTROL takes the crown early on for HARDEST ALBUM OF 2013

i cannot iterate enough how heavy the intro to this song is, like are you actually kidding me, i don’t want to punch a hole in my wall, that costs money to fix mirin’ that devourment hoodie, these guys are … Continue reading

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Before any aspie straightedge warriors chime in, yes I know that the unfortunately-named new BLADE album refers to abstaining ‘from all teh poisonz dat society tries to force down ur throat so u will be complacent and shit’ but I … Continue reading

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