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There is a new NEW FOUND GLORY song and its fucking awesome

As someone who grew up in the same “graduating class of hardcore” as Chad Gilbert (although I was a senior when he was a junior), I’ve always felt like I was cheering for the home team when it comes to … Continue reading

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are pop punk elitists the most annoying type of music fan?

I’ve always loved pop punk for the reason that it didn’t matter if you could name 50 bands off the top of your head or if you were super knowledgeable about the history of the genre – it was just … Continue reading

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Life’s big questions: Is Bring Me the Horizon mainstream?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShYBjIfJX1A] After the extremely controversial BMTH is significantly better than every band on metal archives combined post I was inspired. I was curious you see and I couldn’t think of any band better to use for the question; what … Continue reading

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Bands Who Are Keeping It Real: The 2012 Easycore Edition

One doesn’t need to dig deep into xEasycorex.net to realize that easycore as we know it (or at least would like to know it) is in a sorry state of affairs. Tr00 pop punk and wretched 90s emo worship have … Continue reading

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Do u know your HARDCORE HISTORY??

via Taste Is A Crime

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NEW FOUND GLORY has a new album and it’s sweet!

As a general rule, good bands start to suck shit after a couple albums, but since musicians have huge egos they think they are still good and keep putting out terrible, embarrassing music that tarnishes the name of their once-awesome … Continue reading

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What do you think of NEW FOUND GLORY’s new song??

Dat cover art… U mirin them mid-90s steez?? New Found Glory is without a doubt in my top favorite bands of all time (see my earlier post on their career for more info). Unlike most bands, who put out 1 … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about NEW FOUND GLORY

I’ve always liked ghey pop punk, ignorant hardcore, and brutal death metal in pretty much equal amounts. These days, that isn’t all that remarkable, but back in the day it was not encouraged– you were definitely not allowed to listen … Continue reading

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