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SYWH Podcast 28: Carlos Ramirez of NOISECREEP and BLACK ARMY JACKET

If you enjoy the episodes of the SYWH podcast where I talk about old shit with one of my friends who is also an old person, then you will love this one. Carlos Ramirez is the Editor In Chief of … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the CROSSED OUT/MAN IS THE BASTARD split 7″

Since I’ve been strolling down power violence memory lane lately I figured I would revisit another classic SLAP-A-HAM release, the legendary split between CROSSED OUT and MAN IS THE BASTARD. Back in the early 90s recording a 7″ was really … Continue reading

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Power violence history: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record

My mom bought me this shirt for my 13th birthday, and it came with a handwritten birthday card from Chris Dodge– a genuinely nice gesture that meant a lot to the young Sgt D! These days there are zillions of … Continue reading

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Bands u may have slept on: DESPISE YOU

Usually I introduce these posts by saying something about how it sucks that this band is awesome and they don’t get nearly enough love, but I’m happy to see that Kids These Days actually seem to be into DESPISE YOU. … Continue reading

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SYWH Podcast 14: Dan Lactose from SPAZZ

If you like ‘power violence’ or 90s DIY hardcore in general, then you are most likely already very familiar with SPAZZ. I was probably the world’s biggest (and most annoying) SPAZZ fanboy in high school, but in my defense I … Continue reading

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SILVERSTEIN goes skram: they are covering ORCHID

I never listened to Silverstein and always assumed they were fggts, so I was very surprised to hear about their upcoming album. It’s called “Short Songs!”, and half will be original, fast hardcore songs under 90 seconds- pretty surprising in … Continue reading

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People ask me about power violence all the time, because back in the 90s I knew a lot about it. That said, I never really respond because I don’t have anything to say about it that I didn’t already say … Continue reading

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What do you think about WEEKEND NACHOS???

A few people have asked me about this band, so I figured I would give my two cents on them. My take is essentially this: I don’t want to sound like an oldz, but what’s the big deal?? Am I … Continue reading

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As many of you know, FIGHT FAIR are not only one of today’s most popular easycore/pop-punk bands, but students of 90s screamo, punk and hardcore. Their new EP is the best of both worlds, including the definition of a new … Continue reading

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