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CODEINE TEEN ushers in a new age of swag

Today we are going to learn about one of my all time favorite online personalities: he raps under the name CODEINE TEEN and posts funny, original shit at http://projectpatta.tumblr.com/. You may have known him as Fukkkres, Thugalien, Banzamakadanz, Icegrill, Guccimeinkamp, … Continue reading

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is CHIEF KEEF’s “LOVE SOSA” the new milestone of rap??

NO FUCK NIGGAS ALLOWED Everyone here should know CHIEF KEEF from his awesome hits he’s had over the past year, blowing up the Chicago scene with his cool attitude and catchy-as-fuck songs, including I DON’T LIKE, 3HUNNA, and EVERYDAY. People … Continue reading

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Why Do People Hate Kanye West????

  You know Kanye West, he’s one of the biggest rappers and one of the most hated people on the planet. But why do haters love to hate him so much? This hatred has nothing to do with his music, … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: ill mind of hopsin!

A week or two ago my friend shared a video with me telling me how sick this guy was and added “AND HE DISSEZ TYLER THE CREATOR IN ITTTT!” I had to check it out. ill mind of hopsin Suffice … Continue reading

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“I wish I grew up in the early 90s, when rap was good”

Anon sent me the following Tumblr message about a comment on this Blaq Poet video: “I’m 14 years old, and even I know the message Blaq Poet is trying to send. This video has 71 thousand views. Fireman by Lil … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ Introducing: Braulio English, Lane-C and G-Ro.

The image has absolutely nothing to do with this track, but come on, you can’t hate on the image. I love it and I don’t even listen to Suicide Silence. Anyways, this is rap, so this is probably gonna be … Continue reading

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It’s not often that I listen to rap, but when I do, it’s Z-RO

As the title states, it’s not often that I listen to rap. Mainly because I simply don’t fit rap’s targeted demographic. I’m white, I’m a business major, and I live in rural Texas. Also it’s because most of the rap … Continue reading

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Mike Cheese of THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA reviews rap songs

Despite all the ghey fanboys and Euros who jock them and make up tons of dumb stories about, GEHENNA is without a doubt one of the best hardcore bands of the past 20 years. If you aren’t already on the … Continue reading

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