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In case you missed it, one of 2011′s finest internet moments was the epic video “YOU ARE A SCUM SLUT” by Australia’s ENDWORLD. I’m not talking about their recent video for the new, re-recorded version of this song, I am … Continue reading

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I am a serious teen vocalist searching for bandmates who want to take their music ALL THE WAY! I know what it takes to get to the top, and have an uncle who knows people in the music industry who … Continue reading

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There is a new DEFILER video

Stoked to see our boys in DEFILER back with a new video, following up on their 2011 viral hit ‘You Are A Scum Slut’! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just a few notes: If I was writing the pitch for this … Continue reading

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Help DEFILER buy a new van

Usually when bands embark on a digital panhandling campaign, I make fun of them for resorting to begging instead of doing things the way any other business would (save profits from shows/merch until they accumulate enough capital to buy new … Continue reading

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DEFILER have a new song and it goes p hard

Srs doe, Jake is a really good vocalist and this is tight. They sounds way more polished than their first record, and they’re only like 18 years old. I’m pretty sure the best music I made when I was that … Continue reading

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I am fascinated by this photo of ENDWORLD #scumsluts

You may remember ENDWORLD as the lulzy Australian band who made that “YOU ARE A SCUM SLUT” video. They have a new video that’s mildly amusing, but I didn’t finish watching it because I am completely mesmerized by this incredibly … Continue reading

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Some kid makes a super-srs SCUM SLUT vocal cover

If you remember that Australian band ENDWORLD whose song started with “YOU ARE A SCUM SLUT!!” and had an amazing video where they played their instruments really badly by the side of a muddy creek, consider yourself one of the … Continue reading

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