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ENPEDESTALMENT “Not All Guys Are Jerks” EP out now!!

I am very proud to announce the release of my band ENPEDESTALMENT’s debut EP “Not All Guys Are Jerks” which is also the first release in the new genre that a lot of people in the press are calling ‘FRIENDZONE … Continue reading

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This is what Facebook was made for

Wat u think? Do you have what it takes to help this man rev up the slamzsaw?

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Sneak peak at ENPEDESTALMENT, my ‘friendzone slam’ band

I love slam metal, but idk I just think a lot of the lyrics and art are kinda… gross :( Like, why do they write songs about f—ing girls with chainsaws and stuff?? I’m sorry but that’s weird lol. Maybe … Continue reading

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Exclusive DISFIGURING THE GODDESS contest: win a guest vocal spot on the next DTG album!

That’s right kids, you heard it first, right here: our bro BIG CHOCOLATE aka DISFIGURING THE GODDESS is giving you a chance to drop a guest vocal on the next DTG album in this exclusive contest! Watch the video above … Continue reading

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SYWH FAQs: “What SLAM bands should I liek??”

For whatever reason, people ask me questions about everything from streetwear to their resume to convincing their girl to let them PIITB. I think that’s awesome, because I pretty much never get tired of giving people advice! But hands down, … Continue reading

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is “Sarge, what exactly IS slam??” I could try to answer that myself, but lettuce turn to the experts. If this amazing EPICARDIECTOMY video doesn’t speak for itself, see below for the … Continue reading

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I am super stoked for this episode! Our guest is DJ TWOSTACKS, best known as the producer of Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci,” but also known as a B9 poster, frequent SYWH contributor and generally awesome dude. We chatted about mesh shorts, … Continue reading

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DEVOURMENT fans cause global fabric shortage

In other news, this is basically the best shirt ever made, so cop one here! Thanks to justaddair for the tip.

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JENOVAVIRUS = Final Fantasy slam metal. U MOSHING???

Japan is on the cutting edge of everything: food, electronics, animation, and pornography to name just a few. So leave it to them to combine two of my favorite things in the world into one, even more awesome thing: Final … Continue reading

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Extermination Dismemberment invites you on Kiev Sonic Massacre 3 #slamz

BELARUS GOES HARD #CYRLLICALPHABET No idea who this band is, other than that Shawnyouwillhate reps them hard, and they are the latest in the long line of sick post-Soviet slam bands. Notes on this vid: Euro slam/goregrind band names = … Continue reading

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