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Peep the new SUICIDE SILENCE song/video

Stoked that these guys are back in action, and that they sound as good as ever– obviously Eddie isn’t the same person as Mitch so anyone expecting a Mitch clone will get buttmad, but I think he sounds great in … Continue reading

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My post about Her Demise My Rise made me reminisce back to a certain era of music… and since the readers of SYWH seem to be suckers for things that give them nostalgia boners, why not talk about it? I’m … Continue reading

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Suiside Silense embraces YOLO through the greatest piece of merch ever

So I’ve been proclaiming since YOLO became a thing that deathcore luminaries Suiside Silense were, in fact, the inventors of the YOLO lifestyle, though they may not have invented the phrase itself. It would seem I’m not the only one … Continue reading

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Lettuce be cereal: old SUISIDE SILENCE goes hard as fuck

I’m basically a yuppie mom in most ways: I work a desk job at a giant corporation, drive an Acura, and my idea of a good time is reading a book by fire at Panera (srs). Since I’m a busy … Continue reading

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It’s sad that scene is dead, but the truth is that I couldn’t do this post while it was alive, like how you can’t really induct an athlete into the Hall Of Fame until they retire. It’s liek we can’t … Continue reading

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When you love deathcore and have never seen a black person before

“Black guy in a Suicide Silence mosh pit (Aired on Tosh.O)” The supposedly-funny part is at :53 In this video, there is a black guy watching Suicide Silence and trying not to spill his drink. If you watched the video, … Continue reading

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Vocal Covers = Career Path! [via Suiside Silence]

They may have been all the rage of late here at SYWH, but there is now proof that vocal covers work! My man BlugeonedT0DEth was posting mad vocal covers but there is some good news! He’s now doing vocals for … Continue reading

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What do you think of the new Suicide Silence?

So recently I’ve been listening to the new Suicide Silence tracks. At first I didn’t really care so much about hearing their new material, but then retards on the internet started comparing it to “Nu-metal”. I even heard people saying … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture??

Someone tell Mitch the Googles are broken

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He’ll never regret this tattoo


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