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The turd from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA wrote a book (srs)

If you thought their lulzy, pre-patched denim vest was the zenith of TDWP’s ability to embarrass themselves, you might want to check out their singer’s new book. From the Amazon blurb: One & A Half Hearts is a subjective look at … Continue reading

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MERCH TABLE: TDWP denim vest with faux-back patch

For those who are not familiar, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA are basically the poster children for tr00bonic plague. Their transformation from scene icons to entry-level hipster fggts has been as sudden as it is embarrassing. They used to look like … Continue reading

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Are u a fan of SRSCORE??

idk what band this is but i feel like there lyrics are very relevant to my lief. wood reblog their album cover/10 There are few things I like better than when other people legitimize my idiotic jokes. Usually it’s by … Continue reading

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SYWH Podcast 07: DREW RUSS, director of ADTR “2nd Sucks” video

With all the hurt butts on the internet, there are very few things more awesome than people who can take a joke. For example Drew Russ, who you will know as the director of the video for “2nd Sucks” by … Continue reading

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It’s sad that scene is dead, but the truth is that I couldn’t do this post while it was alive, like how you can’t really induct an athlete into the Hall Of Fame until they retire. It’s liek we can’t … Continue reading

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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA are full-on srsbros now :(

In hindsight, this was the beginning of the end for scenebro-era TDWP. It all starts innocently enough, when scenebros decide they’re 2 grown up for Glamour Kills and discover entry-level streetwear brands on Tumblr (in this case Crooks & Castles). … Continue reading

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Wen I play “HTML roolz dude” on my 256MB Zune I feel liek my soul is getting restored 2 showroom condition <3 music is my liaf!~ via Band Confessions

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in b4 his aunt says the book was better than the movie in b4 God shakes his head and says “Look I really appreciate the gesture but come on…” in b4 she enters her hipster phase and has to explain … Continue reading

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Joey Sturgis Apreesh

Get the fuck in here! Joey Sturgis is one of the sickest producers of all time. I used to be a detractor and rip on him for using POD Farm/triggers/vocal editing, but then I started learning to produce via Ultimate … Continue reading

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What do you think of the new THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA song?

Personally, I always felt like TDWP were an awesome live band– kids lose their fucking minds, the band freaks out, everybody jumps on each other and it’s good times all around. But when it comes to their records, I can … Continue reading

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