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What To Listen To In Order To Have Advanced ‘Old School’ Tastes In 2014

Having now been aware of and in some manner or another participated in The Scene for close to a decade and a half, I’ve observed that within the decade or so it takes for trends to change, each year within … Continue reading

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Pop Punk: The Way It Is (2013 Edition)

In many ways, the Youth of Today have it better than ever: Unlike myself and some of the other mildly older to much older people who frequent this site, they will never know the miseries of low-speed internet, life without … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Oldfaggotry

Have you ever uttered the phrase “I was born in the wrong decade”? Have you ever criticized a band somebody liked by saying “(band x) is only doing what (band y) was doing twenty years earlier”? Do you run an … Continue reading

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Is JUSTICE my best movie idea yet??

Here’s a little idea for a movie that I came up with a while ago… check it out and let me know what you think!! I originally posted this a long time ago, but I’ve revised it extensively and *fingers … Continue reading

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Attack Attack Are Artists

Attack Attack are truly renaissance men in modern times. Their grounding breaking blend of techno and heavy metal, in conjunction with their signature squats has built them a large fanbase in highschools the world over. However, up to this point, we … Continue reading

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