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Did it just get SWAGGIER in here??!

No idea if this guy is a wizard-level parody or full retard, but either way it makes the same point. Thanks to forum member xdylanx for the tip!

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ATTN anyone who wonders why I hate on ODD FUTURE…

I believe this image should explain things.

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TRASH TALK and ODD FUTURE play a song together; alternative white people rejoice

I don’t know the details and I’m pretty sure I’ll die of a rageahol overdose if I look for them, but apparently the other day hipstercore icons Trash Talk played a song with every Tumblrslut’s favorite rappers Odd Future. My … Continue reading

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NEW JAMZ: ill mind of hopsin!

A week or two ago my friend shared a video with me telling me how sick this guy was and added “AND HE DISSEZ TYLER THE CREATOR IN ITTTT!” I had to check it out. ill mind of hopsin Suffice … Continue reading

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Mike Cheese of GEHENNA reviews rap songs (part 2)

Unless you are over the age of 30 and a scumbag, you might not know about the infamous GEHENNA. If you don’t, get on the fucking program: they are one of the best hardcore bands of the past 20 years, … Continue reading

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“Bivins the Creator”

  So we’re all good and familiar with Youtube’s SenorBivins right? Hopefully so! ¬†Well, let’s just cut the bullshit then. Here’s his newest video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WAGM8Z6k8s If you read the title or listened to a second of it, you’ll clearly notice … Continue reading

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Regarding ODD FUTURE, LIL B, TYLER THE CREATOR, and other rap for alternative white people

A bunch of of people have asked me what I think of OFWGKTA/Odd Future/Lil B/Tyler The Creator, and to make a long story short my reaction is “NO CARE.” Since I don’t fetishize black people, I evaluate them based solely … Continue reading

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