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deathcore then vs. deathcore now

On the left, we have a rare photograph from the year 500 B.T. (Before Tumblr) of the now extinct deathcore scene kid equipped with his Youth Large Whitechapel T-Shirt. The roots of his jet black dyed hair are covertly hidden … Continue reading

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He will never regret this tattoo: WHITECHAPEL edition

These two pictures aren’t the same guy but I like to think they are- p sure he changed my oil the last weekend, seemed like a nice enough kid. Wishing u luck on your GED test bro!

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Feel like they must have called the designer at like 11PM on Monday and told him they needed artwork to the printer by 9AM the following day, so he just opened up an old file (probably had to convert it … Continue reading

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I found these while fapping (srs)

That awkward moment when you think of the singer for DEEZ NUTS’ face while you have a boner. Fortunately, I looked at this bish’s face and my boner went away. Dat ass! This photo needs moar Uggs tho

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When your deathcore band says “every bodytype is beautiful!”

Credit to Kotkotkot

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What do you think about WHITECHAPEL??

Call me crazy, but I usually prefer the fake, watered-down version of something over the “authentic,” “real thing.” For example, I’ll take Little Caeser’s or Sbarro over some ghey, overpriced “artisan pizza” made by some douchebag with a master’s degree … Continue reading

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